Meditation has proven essential both in getting sober and in maintaining fulfilling and meaningful recovery for any extended period of time. It helps to guard against potential relapse, as well as provide a wide variety of psychological benefits ranging from low blood pressure to a good night’s sleep. The link between sobriety and the peace of mind achieved through meditation is inextricable, and it is for this reason that we believe wholeheartedly in its healing properties.

Meditation & Recovery

The American Journal of Psychiatry began to document studies proving a positive correlation between mediation and addiction recovery as early as the 1970s, and the link between prolonged rehabilitation from substance dependency and mindfulness has been established for far longer. While meditation is often viewed as a spiritual practice, it can be extremely useful for those who are still somewhat apprehensive about engaging in spirituality as a whole.

How Does Meditation Work?

Meditation takes numerous forms. While some promote self-discovery and self-realization, others work to improve a relationship with a higher power.

Overall, many meditative practices are geared towards attaining an ultimate state of total detachment. Obtaining inner calm and tranquility is the main goal of every meditative practice, and this works well with overcoming addiction. Recovering addicts and alcoholics are able to separate themselves from their cravings – creating a distance between desire and action that has proven exceptionally beneficial in preventing relapse. Students learn to view their own impulses via a third-person perspective, allowing men and women to achieve contentedness without resorting to the use of drugs or alcohol.

The Hope Center

The Hope Center for Rehabilitation offers a full range of services both leading up to, during and following treatment, including professional interventions, a luxury, medically assisted detox program, inpatient rehabilitation (30-90 days), intensive out-patient rehabilitation and out-patient services. Each of our clients become a part of our alumni program at the completion of their treatment to help foster a continued community of recovery.

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