Massage Therapy

Stress is one of the leading reasons why people turn to substance abuse to quell their emotional state. Massage Therapy is an ancient form of stress relief, and while it physically relieves the body, it has incredible benefits for the mind.

Massage therapy is especially helpful in treating addiction as it’s been known to significantly elevate the production of natural endorphins, and with just a 1-hour massage therapy session, clients feel less anxious and experience a positive state of mind. In addition, this session helps patients become more mindful and eliminate distractions from their conscious mind, alerting them to combat stress and anxiety when it begins to manifest again, helping them gain personal insight and a valuable coping mechanism.

The physical benefits of massage therapy are exceedingly helpful during the detoxification process as it helps to naturally rid the body of pollutants, much of which is deep seeded in the body from months or years of substance abuse. This is due to the release of toxins in the muscles as they are massaged, which also releases endorphins and increases blood flow to nourish tissue and increases lymphatic drainage. The chemicals released therefore help to cleanse the body during this critical phase.

Studies have shown that people with addiction who received massage therapy had less severe symptoms in relation to their feelings of withdrawal compared with those who did not receive any massage therapy. Therefore, massage therapy has been linked to decreasing cravings, an important factor that often results in relapse during early recovery if not managed properly. We encourage all of our clients, therefore, to take advantage of our massage therapy treatments during their stay at The Hope Center to start them off with a positive foundation in recovery.

The Hope Center

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