As of recently, the use of acupuncture to treat chemical dependencies to drugs and alcohol has been greatly increasing in popularity amongst members of the professional addiction treatment community. Clinical evidence supports the benefits of acupuncture in relation to impulse control and avoiding relapse. If you or someone you love is battling a life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol, the incorporation of this specialized service into an extended treatment program can prove hugely beneficial in obtaining and maintaining sobriety.

The Benefits of Using Acupuncture

Initially, acupuncture was used in conjunction with methadone treatment. Addicts who have received acupuncture therapy for any extended period of time have reported marked decreases in cravings, improved ability to sleep, and reduction in the severity of withdrawal symptoms (both acute and post-acute).

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Studies have continuously shown that acupuncture works to increase levels of endorphins circulating throughout the nervous system. Endorphins resemble opiates both in their structure and in their function, acting as natural pain relievers within the body.

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be reduced by increasing endorphins, and this can be done through acupuncture. In Chinese medicinal philosophy, acupuncture works to restore balance. While the practice undeniably works to restore peace of mind and prevent against relapse, there are several significant health benefits, as well. Alcoholics who are withdrawing from chronic abuse have been shown to experience far fewer seizures when being treated with acupuncture.

Given this evidence supporting the benefits of acupuncture, the Hope Center for Rehabilitation includes this practice in our treatment program for all those who are attempting to overcome their addiction and live sober. Acupuncture has enormous potential to not only help addicts recover, but also to make their recovery more fulfilling and enriching.

The Hope Center

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