At The Hope Center for Rehabilitation, we believe in offering a variety of addiction therapy for our clients, and present a diverse selection of programming that fits their individual needs, including our celebrated Christian Track program. This track was implemented after understanding how powerful the relation can be to overcoming addiction when connected with a strong, faith based Christian program.

“Christ centered recovery is focused on turning our addiction over completely to the One who loved you enough to go to cross for you.” Says Christian Track leader, Pastor John. “It’s about finding the power of God by first realizing the love and forgiveness of God.” Our Christian-based counselors and therapists apply the same principles of recovery with the teachings of the bible. Clients are afforded the opportunity to grow in their recovery as it is bolstered by their faith. After completing our detox program, any of our clients may elect to attend our Christian based programming, which is held three times per week. Our IOP clients are also afforded the opportunity to attend our Christian program during the week. However, the cornerstone of this modality is a weekly meeting held at our main facility on Monday evenings. This 3-hour bible study is a spiritually motivating experience, connecting our weekly programming to bible study, song and prayer, known as our “Night of Worship”. As Pastor John says, “This is where the healing begins!”

For more information on this program, contact our admissions advisors at 1-866- 233-1869, or contact Pastor John directly at 561-301- 5342.

The Hope Center

The Hope Center for Rehabilitation offers a full range of services both leading up to, during and following treatment, including professional interventions, a luxury, medically assisted detox program, inpatient rehabilitation (30-90 days), intensive out-patient rehabilitation and out-patient services. Each of our clients become a part of our alumni program at the completion of their treatment to help foster a continued community of recovery.

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