Experience A Day with HOPE

The Hope Center for Rehabilitation offers an extensive array of programming each day for our residents during their stay at our state-of-the-art facility for in-patient treatment. Our clients have made a choice to seek respite from their addictions and our facilitators, mentors and therapists have made a commitment to offer the best resources for reaching long term rehabilitation.

Each morning, our clients are awoken to an optional walk down South Florida’s coastline to witness the sun rising and to take personal time for a new day of reflection. The morning walk is followed up with a group guided meditation, a life skill proven to help relieve anxiety and greatly improve one’s own journey in recovery. Breakfast is enjoyed before attendinga 9am goal-setting group where the residents join together to set an intention for the day.

*On Sundays, clients are given the opportunity to attend church at 10am

As required by the Division of Child and Family services, the HCR schedules a minimum of 30 hours of clinical therapy for our clients a week. This carefully outlined schedule of programming is developed to cultivate a journey toward recovery, beginning every morning at 9:30am with small groups led by our accredited therapists. Within these micro-groups, our clients have the opportunity to individually partake in daily teachings, offering a safe and intimate setting for illumination amongst a group of their peers. The Hope Center prides itself on tailoring these small groups so the clients involved in each share similar backgrounds, important in sharing their experiences and ultimately growing amongst one another.

Group topics include: Relaxation, Nutrition, Family, Feelings and The Journey.

Our therapist guided groups are followed up with lunch at the residences. Rather than offering a dining setting of pre-selected foods, the HCR provides each resident with a grocery list during their stay so they may prepare their own custom tailored meals.

Lunch is followed by one of our living skills classes, specializing in the following areas: Wellness, The Disease Concept, Understanding The 12 Steps, The Disease Concept, Grief & Loss, Anger Management, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Spiritual Session including Reiki and Yoga and Time Management.

*On the weekends, instead of attending classes, our clients are sent on a 3-hour excursion (sponsored by The Hope Center), to enjoy one of the following:

• Kayaking
• Ziplining
• Beach Trip
• Movies
• Chef’s Class
• Paddle Boarding
• Gym
• Snorkeling
• Wake Boarding
• Volley Ball

Following life skill classes, we offer our clients the opportunity to embark on an activity of their choice, either to visit the gym, the beach just minutes away or to take the time for personal reflection and meditation in our gardens located on campus, before returning to prepare dinner each evening.

The HCR staff then escorts every client to a 7pm off-site 12-step meeting where they can network with other members of the AA & NA community, hear stories of experience, strength and hope and actively experience and participate in a way of life following in-patient care.

*On Sundays, clients are taken for ice cream and are provided with a group movie.

The day is finished with a final group where clients are asked to participate in a daily wrap up, explaining their takeaways. At 11pm, clients return to their designated quarters for lights out.

The Hope Center

The Hope Center for Rehabilitation offers a full range of services both leading up to, during and following treatment, including professional interventions, a luxury, medically assisted detox program, inpatient rehabilitation (30-90 days), intensive out-patient rehabilitation and out-patient services. Each of our clients become a part of our alumni program at the completion of their treatment to help foster a continued community of recovery.

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