Completing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be both an exciting and stressful experience. All of your newfound knowledge and independence can be overwhelming. In an effort to combat the struggles that inevitably accompany early recovery, we provide our alumni the opportunity to remain engaged in the supportive community that played an integral role in each client’s recovery from the start. Continued engagement with a sober community has proven to enhance the recovery experience and perpetuate sober behaviors. Program alumni go on to become productive members of society who voluntarily carry the message of strength and hope to our new clients.

Every week, our Alumni Director hosts an alumni meeting at our main campus, located at 201 SW 23rd Street in Boynton Beach, Florida. Each meeting features a new speaker who shares their message of recovery with returning alumni. The Alumni meetings provide an opportunity for successful clients of the past and present to interact with one another and network, in an effort to create a more unified sober community. Meetings also provide outreach to those struggling. As we all know, relapse can be a part of addiction. Often times clients who relapse can feel unwelcome and cut off from their peers; at the Hope Center for Rehabilitation we confront this problem head on by immersing clients in a healthy environment to openly address their concerns and struggles while still receiving therapeutic intervention. Alumni events are a social experience unlike most others!

Alumni of The Hope Center are provided continued services regardless of the time that’s lapsed since completion. Alumni are welcome to utilize the facilities vocational coach, outpatient programming, sober living housing and numerous other resources. Not only does The Hope Center continue to garner and facilitate personal growth in its clients, it also provides guidance in embarking on one of the most important chapters of your life.
Your success is our success and we want you to be a part of the experience!

Our Family Alumni Program

At the Hope Center, we fully recognize that addiction is a family disease. Because the family that suffers together ought to recover together, we have in place an extensive family program that we encourage all family members to participate in. Just as we are happy to provide continuing support for our patient alumni, so too are we to remain in touch with their families.

Parents, siblings, and spouses who have come face to face with drug and alcohol addiction share a bond that is almost unbreakable. Their experiences, both past and present, may be regularly shared in personal stories, regularly held meetings, and programs such as Alanon/Alateen. There is no greater satisfaction than hearing of a family that was broken and then healed, and we will love for all families of alumni to stay in touch!

The Hope Center

The Hope Center for Rehabilitation offers a full range of services both leading up to, during and following treatment, including professional interventions, a luxury, medically assisted detox program, inpatient rehabilitation (30-90 days), intensive out-patient rehabilitation and out-patient services. Each of our clients become a part of our alumni program at the completion of their treatment to help foster a continued community of recovery.

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